Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our Potted Christmas Tree (@KanuHawaii #SimplifyTheHolidays)

This year I suggested we get a living potted Christmas tree from Helmano Farms in Wahiawa.  It is partly my effort to support http://KanuHawaii.org/ with their "Simplify the Holidays" commitments and the fact that I like trees (see my bonsai posts http://nakama-m-photos.blogspot.com/2007/10/art-of-bonsai-with-master-walter-liew.html#uds-search-results/).  I selected several items to commit to and created a profile that can be found here- http://www.kanuhawaii.org/member/?id=1290712931576401/.  OK, I haven't really done much to my profile yet, but one of these days I will and I will post a journal in my profile too.  It's just taking me a little while because I need to work on it from my computer.  I can't just email it in like on Posterous.  ;)
Here is our potted Christmas tree.  Kelli decorated it and made it all nice! 
More information about Helemano Farms can be found on their website- http://www.helemanofarms.com/.
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  1. so good that you guys got a potted tree!

  2. Kat yes potted Christmas trees are great! I had to edit the post to get the photo of the tree back in. :) Technical difficulties...


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