Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lunch @ZPizzaHawaii w/ @MarkTRC & @Melissa808

Yesterday, after an appointment with Mark, we headed to Z Pizza for lunch. We tweeted up with Melissa there around Noon because @ZPizzaHawaii ( had tweeted me, enticing me to have pizza there again.
I had the Mediterranean Rustic Pizza. It has roasted artichokes, olives and pili pili oil. I don't know what pili pili oil is because I haven't Googled it yet, but I'm sure I'll know soon enough. I love this pizza because I love artichokes and olives!
Mark ordered the Thai Chicken Pizza and Melissa ordered the Tuscan Pizza. We also had a couple of little samples brought to our table. It's always a bonus to eat at Melissa's table! (
Anyway, Mark ( is fresh to the blogging world. His first Foodie post is about this Z Pizza experience so I'll let you read the details there- Go check it out and give him the experience of how it is to maintain a blog! Let's see how good he is at keeping up with the hard work! Hehehe.
Ps- I'm sending this from the new Posterous for Android Application. I don't think I care for it. No save as draft options. It's just a fancy email skin. :P


  1. I think piripiri oil is a chili oil. Pizzas look oishii!

  2. Kat! Hahaha I knew someone would figure it out... I guess I couldn't figure it out because it was spelled in English as "Pili Pili Oil". I thought it was some sort of Hawaiian Oil! ;)

  3. maybe pili pili means something in Hawaiian??

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