Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blue Truck Teppanyaki Juicy Steak Plate #FB

*Trying to post again because of the annoying Android GMail App failure that keeps dropping my photo attachments!*

This afternoon we stopped to pick up dinner from the Blue Truck Teppanyaki food truck.  We usually see this truck parked here in the afternoons, but this was the first time we stopped to buy dinner there.

There isn't a lot to choose from.  I think it was just a choice of steak, chicken, hamburger steak or "steak rolls" for main plates.  There are also some vegetable side orders that you can order.

We ordered 2 "Juicy Steak Plates" ($7) & a side order of eggplant ($2). The steak was ok.  It wasn't the most tender steak that I've ever had, but it wasn't necessarily tough.  The steak is served with steamed white rice, grilled round onion, grilled zucchini, corn and some teriyaki sauce in a little dipping cup.   

I hear the hamburger steak is the best in the world here so I think I will try it the next visit.


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  1. Hi Kat, did you get to try any new places while here that I should try?

  2. was sick most of the time...only matsugen (soba) and cheeseburger on beachwalk...both kinda pricey because in waikiki

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