Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chinese New Year #ILoveChinatown Party in Chinatown Honolulu

We went for a walk through the Chinatown Block Party tonight.  I had a black sugar jin dui & a peanutbutter crepe.

When we left at around 9p, the festivities were still going strong.  If your in the neighborhood, go check it out! 

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Rick Nakama (R) GRI SFR SRES

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  1. jin dui! miss the chinese new year festivites!

  2. Oishisou ! peanutbutter crepe! Tabetai--!

  3. Kat I haven't been to one in a couple of years too. It was fun and a lot larger this time because they had Maunakea & Smith streets closed for the block party.

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