Saturday, January 8, 2011

Le Crepe Cafe in Manoa #FB

This afternoon we stopped at Le Crepe Cafe in Manoa to pick up a couple of dessert crepes to go along with the Hamakua Mushroom Pizza we picked up for dinner at Fendu Boulangerie.

The inside of Le Crepe Cafe is very nicely decorated to feel like you're in France.  While I've never been to France, this is what it makes me feel like.  At least it sort of makes me feel like I'm in the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas.

My tweeted photo, "picking up desserts (@ Le Crepe Cafe)"

They were out of strawberries this afternoon so we had them substituted with blueberries in both of our crepes.  Kelli chose the "Romeo & Juliet ".  It is described as strawberries, bananas & Nutella.
My tweeted photo, "the Romeo & Juliet w/Blueberry instead of Strawberries (@ Le Crepe Cafe)"

I had the "Honey Lovers", honey, strawberries & bananas.
My tweeted photo, "Honey Lover's w/ Blueberries instead of Strawberries (@ Le Crepe Cafe)"


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  1. don't get to Manoa too often while I'm home, but these sound good!

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