Saturday, January 8, 2011

Kissaten Cafe in Hawaiki Tower #FB

We stopped for lunch at Kissaten Cafe, a new Japanese coffee bar that opened up recently in the Hawaiki Tower.  It's a very cool looking place that's easily accessible from the street as long as you aren't driving.  They are on the Northeast corner of the building, visible from the sidewalk.
Kissaten Cafe (HTTP:// is open 24 hours.  I'm very impressed with this.  While I admit that I don't spend many nights out past 10pm anymore, I always wished for a 24 hour cafe around town and actually thought I wanted to open one (still do actually).  I'm not sure if they have any parking arrangements within the building, but there are metered street stalls right outside their doorstep.
Their website only has their drink menu, but they do serve sandwiches, soups and salads during lunch (the time we visited).  They mentioned that they also serve breakfast, but I don't know what is on their breakfast menu.
Since Kissaten Cafe calls itself "kissaten", a Japanese coffee shop, I felt it necessary to sample the quality of their americano even though I've already had one at home and a second at Barnes and Nobles just prior to arriving at Kissaten Cafe.  I had a solo americano and it was good.  I think they may be using Waialua coffee, but I am not certain.  Perhaps it's just a custom blend.  The other drinks at our table were a peach iced tea and a strawberry cream soda; both were good.
The lunch selection isn't very vast, but there were enough appetizing sounding items to choose from.  We ordered a Pulled Chicken Sandwich (the last order available), a Kissaten Melt sandwich, a Kissaten Salad and a Hamakua Tomato Bisque.
The Pulled Chicken Sandwich was served with a small cup of the Hamakua Tomato Bisque and some dipping sauce.  It tasted like a slightly vinegary "adobo" or a barbeque chicken.  I was good and I'm certain I'd eat it again.
The Kissaten Melt is a panini type grilled ham and cheese.  This was served with a little side of greens.  This tasted good and had a nice mustard dressing in the sandwich.  Definitely would eat this again.
The Hamakua Tomato Bisque is what I ordered along with the Kissaten House Salad.  The bisque exploded with sweet tomato flavors and went very well as a dip for the Kissaten Melt and the roll that was served with it.  The salad was nicely seasoned with a house soy dressing.  Paper thin slices of asparagus gave this salad an added flair.  I'd eat these again, but I would also like to try their Potato Leek Soup on my next visit.
I didn't test the wifi this time but that isn't really a big deal for me since I usually use my own internet connection anyway.  The seating appears to be ample with lots of seating for laptop users that don't necessarily want to sit at a regular table.  I did not notice any outlets to plug into, but I didn't really look for any.
Depending on how their food menu evolves and what is on it in the late night hours, I could see this cafe becoming a popular spot to lounge and meetup (tweetup) with friends for late night coffee and chit chat.  I certainly would've been here nightly if I was still out and about in the middle of the night, but those days are long gone for me (for now).  Who knows, I just may change my whole schedule just to take advantage of this 24 hour espresso bar!  ;)


  1. ooh I saw this when I went to Ala Moana SC, was wondering about it, glad you tried it :) the sandwich looks delicious!

  2. Kat- I'm so happy there are more places opening up in Honolulu. We really need it here! Don't you agree!?

  3. Update. I just heard the khon2 interview and they are currently using a Kauai espresso blend as they work on a signature local coffee blend.

    Also food menu is only during specific breakfast, lunch, dinner or late night hours. Not sure exactly what the hours are.

  4. hope their food menu hours will be more consistent in the future.

  5. One of my favorite coffee stops on the island. cant beat 24hour coffee.

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