Monday, April 19, 2010

Alrighty... Replacement Nexus One Has Arrived!

Well, my wonderful Nexus One's power/wake-up button konked out last week Thursday.  I was having a difficult time waking up the phone for several days until finally mid-day Thursday my Android said, "NO!" and he went to sleep.  I got on the phone to Google/HTC Support and after about 50 minutes of going through phone authorizations stuffs the phone was on its way! 
I just received it about a half an hour ago and I am so relieved!  I managed to get by over the weekend with my Nokia N82, but there were several instances where it was quite obvious how dependant I've become on my Nexus One's capabilities! 
I did have some fun taking photos with the far superior N82's Carl Zeiss Lens camera over the weekend and I'll post those up later.  Here's a few for now.

Sent by Nokia Mobile.  Rick Nakama R GRI 808.382.6761 East Oahu Realty Inc.

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