Friday, April 16, 2010

Strange Flavored Hi Chew

Ok the other day, Kelli's co-worker gave her an odd flavored Hi Chew candy.  Before that, Kelli gave that same co-worker a variety of Japanese Kit Kats.  I told her she has to blog about it.  She made a You Tube Video of her eating the Kit Kats.  She exceeded my expectations because what I expected was a photo or 2 posted on her FB page.  I'm not sure if the video is private so I won't post it.  I wish I could because she went all out with costume and props and even tried background music, but the sound didn't work!  Hopefully she'll give permission to make that You Tube video go viral!

Anyway, when Kelli came in the car with 1 piece of Hi Chew and told me is was from her, I thought I would have to blog about it in return.  I set up the Hi Chew on the dashboard and immediately photographed it.  Then Kelli stuck it in my mouth.  The initial taste was ?????????!!!!!!.  I couldnt' quite make what it was.  It was weird.  I guessed, "lychee?", "mango?"...  I didn't know what it was.

It was durian!  I knew it was strange!  Thanks for the weird durian flavored Hi Chew sample... I probably never would have tried it if Kelli didn't just stick it in my mouth!

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