Saturday, April 3, 2010

YoonCy Korean BBQ in Kapahulu.

Last night after a long day of work, I stopped by our favorite Korean take-out restaurant to pick up dinner.  YoonCy Korean BBQ is located in the Safeway Shopping Center at 888 Kapahulu Avenue.

We always get a Meat Jun plate here.  We really love the Meat Jun they make.  This time I also tried the Spicy Fried Chicken plate.  Both plates were delicious, but the fried chicken wasn't spicy, so either it was regular fried chicken or for those that don't like spicy food, don't be afraid of this one.

The owners/workers here are always very friendly.  Great service is always a good thing, but at other places I have almost come to expect not to receive satisfactory service as a norm.  Anyway, you can count on friendly & good service when you visit YoonCy.  :)

I like restaurants that have nice printed menus that I can photograph easily & post up.  I've decided that it's a great way for me to check their menu to phone in an order without carrying around or looking for the printed menu.  I can just search my own blog for reference. 

As usual, if we get ourselves 2 regular size portions, we'll have leftovers.  The next morning I make us some Bi Bim Bap for breakfast.  It's always so tasty! 

I've downloaded Pic Say application for Android & have been playing with it.  You'll see a couple of things I did with the leftovers photos.  I'm using the free version now & it seems really good so far!  Give it a try if you're an Android user.

Those of you who follow my tweets may have noticed we stopped by a certain other Korean BBQ place a few days back that caught bad headlines in the local news the past couple of days!!  Thank goodness our food was OK that night!!  :P it was good.  I hope that place is able to make a good recovery from that incident.

For now, we know we can always count on YoonCy!

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  1. Wow Rick, I can't believe I never knew about this place. The food looks yummy. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. @jalna I think it used to be a Yummy's or Tasty or something. Then these new owners took over and improved everything.

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