Sunday, April 4, 2010

Another Breakfast Ala Leftovers

Last night we had an Easter Eve Dinner at the "in-law's".  (I'm not used to that & rather refer to them as Kelli's parents.)  The dinner was a roasted turkey with stuffing & gravy.  We came home with some leftovers.  I know that I need to use up leftovers right away or it will just end up being lost in that refrigerator black hole for days, weeks or some cases months!

I decided to make a creamy spinach based casserole type of breakfast because I need to be so fancy!  :p

Threw all the stuff in a buttery pot of a little browned flour, finished it with some half & hald and put it in our finest Corelle bowls.  Topped it with a little mayonnaise (I made the decision to buy a 3 pack of Best Foods squeeze bottles from Sam's, the saw that they expire in November!  So *warning* lots of mayonnaise to look forward to!  ;> ).  I don't have my kitchen torch here in the new digs yet so I popped it into the toaster oven set to broil for a few minutes.  Not quite as effective or quick as a kitchen torch or salamander, but oh well...

Delicious!  Easter Brunch!

Anyway, we started using our new little cups & saucers for my single americanos.  Perfect size, makes me feel so Italian.

Happy Easter!

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  1. looks good! especially like the mug with animals on it :)

  2. @Kat, that's Kelli's favorite mug from Starbucks...

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