Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hawaii Farm Fair #AGTASTIC Tweetup at Bishop Museum this morning.

*Edit* The photos didn't load via Posterous so I had to add them after.  See them at :)

This morning Kelli & I went to our first Tweetup.  The Twitvite was tweeted by @Melissa808 yesterday, but when I checked it, it said it was full so I clicked the "wait list" button.  To my surprise, when I reached for my phone as soon as I woke up to check my Twitter, @Melissa808 Tweeted that a few spaces opened up.  I immediately responded!
It started by parking at HCC (my alma mater) & getting on a free shuttle to Bishop Museum.  Another benefit of the free parking & shuttle ride to the fair is the chance to enter to win a trip to Las Vegas!  The only way to get the entry form is by boarding the shuttle.
The Tweetup group met at the stairs near the front of the main entry to get our wrist bands.  We then entered & gathered at the Agtastic Booth to await our scavenger hunt instructions.  The event is being hash tagged as #AGTASTIC on Twitter.  @KSnews tweeted the scavenger hunt list.  It was papaya, avocado, coffee, mac nuts, chocolate, sweet potato, eggplant, tomato, banana & cucumber.  All we needed to do was to locate these foods throughout the Farm Fair, take a photo & send it to Twitpic.  The first one to send all these photos to Twitpic would win.  Today's winner was @Graf808.  Congratulations to @Graf808!
This was fun!  I'm looking forward to more scavenger hunt events like this.
Here are the photos that I Twitpic'd for my scavenger hunt finds.  Do you spot everything in my photos? 
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The Farm Fair is on until 8p tonight & again tomorrow.  Don't forget that going to this Farm Fair also gets you into the Bishop Museum & the Planetarium! 
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