Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hey Jack (in the Box) I love your 99¢ 2 tacos deal...

Dear Jack,

I love your value menu.  Especially the 2 tacos for 99¢.  That has been my favorite for over a decade.  I often wonder how long this great deal can last considering that the price hasn't changed in so many years.  I did notice many years back that you changed your taco.  That probably helped offset the unchanged value menu pricing of 99¢.  I admit, I didn't like the different tacos at first, but now they've either changed again or I've gotten used to them so I continue to enjoy them.

The fact that I enjoy them so much, often even more than tacos at "authentic" Mexican restaurants, concerns me.  I am concerned about the potential of one day you will need to increase the price or reduce the quality of the product to remain profitable.  That being my main concern, I would like to share my experience at the Jack in the Box drive through. 

Yesterday, I pulled in to get a wonderful afternoon snack of your 2 tacos.  I paid the incredibly awesome low amount of $1.04 including the tax.  I then asked the person for hot sauce for my 2 tacos.  She looked in the bag then grabbed hot sauce and put them in the bag before handing it to me.  When I reached my destination to enjoy my tacos, I was puzzled.  I took out my 2 tacos and found that I also received 9 hot taco sauce packets.  I don't know about you, Mr. Box, but I can get by with 1 packet per taco.

Although I appreciate your generosity with the sauce, I think it is not cost effective.  I would rather continue to see the 2 tacos for 99¢ deal continue forever than to see it get changed do to a profit and loss audit.  Please don't waste your profits by giving out an unnecessary abundance of taco sauce for 1 order of 2 tacos.

I've attached a photo to assist with recognizing how ridiculous it is to receive 9 packets of delicious hot taco sauce for my 2 tacos.

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