Saturday, July 10, 2010

If you're @ the Korean Festival, try these Magic Pops

I'm not sure how the short video will post because this is my first time emailing a video to Posterous.  I hope it works.

Anyway, we stopped by the Korean Festival at Kapiolani Park this afternoon.  We saw this stuff by the Palama Market tent.  It's called Magic Pop and it's a multi-grain popped giant chip.  And... it's being popped right there in front of your eyes in a truly magical machine!  See the video.

The chip is light, crispy and slightly sweet with a hint of cinnamon.   It's made with fresh ground grains so it's a healthy snack. 

Right next to it is another fresh made, sweet snack.  I asked the Guy several times what it is called and I could never hear or understand what he was saying.  Anyway it's also supposed to be healthy.  Seemed like a green leaf powder mixed in a rice flour paste that was being grilled there.  After it cooked, they put slightly sweetened red beans in it and folded it.  It tasted good.  Whatever it's called.  Anyone know?

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