Monday, June 7, 2010

2 Dessert Recipes from Food Network

We had some friends over Saturday night for a little dinner & socializing.  I started cooking from the night before to be sure I could make enough dishes for our guests. 

I decided to make 2 simple desserts that I just found by searching

The first one that I chose was a "schiumone" or frozen vanilla mouse.  I doubled the egg, sugar & cream amounts.  Instead of using all vanilla extract, I scraped in the insides of 1 vanilla bean to the egg whites while heating them as instructed.  I also didn't add the almonds, but did add some of those bitter sweet chocolate "chip" shaped things from Trader Joe's (I crumbled them in).  It was extremely simple to make and tastes like a nice lite ice cream.  I'll definitely make this again and try various flavors or things to add in!

After making that, I was wondering how to use the 4 yolks I had leftover.  I searched for a custard recipe and found this one  It's a blueberry creme brulee tart by Paula Dean -y'all!  The egg yolk requirements were perfect!  I also had frozen blueberries on hand too.  I added the vanilla bean pod (that I scraped the beans out of earlier for the mousse) to the cream in addition to some vanilla extract.  I didn't use the blueberry preserves or the candied blueberries.  Instead I just added the frozen berries into the pan just prior to baking.  I didn't add the extra layer of sugar at the end to caramelize because I didn't have my kitchen torch.  I also added a few sprinkles of salt to the crust for added flavor.  The recipe for the crust didn't call for any and I thought that would be rather boring.  I baked it in a square pan and cut it into little squares after refrigerating.  This also tasted great and I'll probably always make this when I need to use yolks.    

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