Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rarely do I look forward to leftovers, but this is one of my favorites! #NexusOne

I think this is probably my favorite leftovers breakfast.  It's fried rice, which is usually leftovers, but my favorite is making it with my left over meat jun plate from Yoon Cy Korean BBQ in Kapahulu.  I seem to purposely order too much and not eat a lot in order to have lots of leftovers!  Hehe.
I'm really disappointed with the photo quality that my Nexus One is producing.  Although, in these food shots, it could be because I forgot to take off the cracked lens on the battery cover.  After, I took another shot of my Nexus One battery cover with the cracked lens, I don't think the lens is making a difference.  The photo still doesn't look right.  I officially need to buy a camera to get over my frustrations with this phone's camera!  Why??!!?  Why couldn't HTC just install better camera hardware on their phones?  :-|  I am happy with everything else about this phone.
I took out my Nokia N82 and took another photo of my Nexus One battery cover and phone in the shot just to see what the actual difference in photo production would look like.  Grrrrrr.....  I doubt I even need to point out the photo (even though it's obvious because my Nexus One is in the shot taken with the Nokia N82).

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