Friday, June 25, 2010

Attempts to Curb "Drifting" on Tantalus - KHON2 ドリフト 峠 グリップ シルビア タンタラス

EThis was on the KHON2 Morning News.  I recorded it with my phone because it was interesting (entertaining).  It  is the city or community's attempt to stop cars from "drifting" on the winding roads of Tantalus Drive and Round Top Drive.  I personally don't feel this is going to do anything to stop it.  It's just going to add another level of difficulty creating a challenge or like a "new level" as if playing a video game.  Now I realize driving like described on the road is not safe, but if giant manapuas in the middle of the roads in Japan doesn't stop it there, I don't see how a little grippy surface will do anything.  If anything all it means is that the car can have cheaper/junker tires with less grip since the road is prepped with the grip.  It will make it more economical for drifting and more dangerous because higher speeds may be required to achieve the drift. 


Oh well.  What do you think?



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