Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Demi Glace Hamburger Steak with Rosemary Potatoes #NexusOne #Nokia #Camera

The photos didn't attach again! 

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I made a hamburger steak for tonight's dinner.  It's with a demi glace made from the Barefoot Cabernet that seems to always be on sale for about $5.  I'm not a fancy wine person.  In fact I haven't even drank alcohol for a few years.  I used to drink wine long ago and I like the way this wine tastes.  Anyway, I'm just cooking with it.

I posted two photos.  One is with my Nokia N82 camera and the other is taken with my HTC Nexus One.  They are both 5MP cameras, but the Nokia produces a much better photo.  The Carl Zeiss lens probably makes the Nokia much better.  :-/

Which photo looks better?

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