Monday, June 21, 2010

Dinner at Kit and Kitchen

We stopped at Kit and Kitchen for dinner tonight.  We haven't been here for dinner in a few months.

I'm not certain, but I think they added a few new items to the menu.  I ordered one if those items, the Chicken Chimichurri Pasta.  I know they've always had the Beef Chimichurri, which I also like, but I don't remember there ever being chicken with that preparation.  It's a slightly spicy sauce that is one of the chef's special sauces.  It was delicious with the chicken and pasta.

Kelli had the Spicy Eggplant Pasta and added mushrooms to it.  The waiter asked her how spicy and she requested mild.  The mild is really mild and seems like there isn't any spice added to it.  It did taste great, even if it was mild.

I didn't photograph our Sandy Wings appetizer because we were so hungry we just ate it right away!  It's 4 chicken wings, seasoned and fried and sprinkled with fried garlic.  We got this for free by using one of the coupons we got from them.  They usually always give you a free appetizer coupon when they bring your tab.  Tonight we received one for shrimp appetizers.  We're not shrimp eaters, but I'm sure we'll use this one when we come to eat with other people.

This restaurant is usually always very busy, but tonight was rather quiet.  Maybe it's because it's Summer time and all the nearby University students aren't around. 

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  1. I've had chimichurri with steak but first time to hear about it served on pasta. Everything looks great!

  2. @Kat yeah. I'm sure this is a new menu item because I would have tried it before if I saw this on the menu. The food is tasty here and I always enjoy it! Are you keeping cool and avoiding the 150% humidity?? :)

  3. ha! actually I went walking...crazy yeah?!

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