Saturday, August 14, 2010 Sizzling Platter Hamburger Steak via @InsideOutHawaii 50% off Coupon

I subscribed to @InsideOutHawaii's online magazine and read through their inaugural issue last week.  It has interesting write ups of local businesses in Hawaii.  You can subscribe or read about it here

I was pleased to find a buy one entrée and get 50% off a second entrée coupon to one of my favorite restaurants, Kit 'n Kitchen.  The coupon expires on August 18th so I knew I would be eating there before this weekend was gone!

When we were seated, we were again surprised by a menu of new items, including the Sizzling Platter Hamburger Steak that I ordered.  It was sizzling and delicious!  It even came with a bowl full of peppery gravy and onions (not pictured)!  The hamburger sizzled away on the hot platter to a nice medium rare and it was very juicy even without the gravy.

I'm always trying to eat a good locomoco, but they aren't easy to find.  While this isn't a locomoco, it is pretty much the same thing just served on a sizzling platter.

The really impressive price (under $13 I believe) will tempt me to order it again on my next visit!

Thanks for the savings @InsideOutHawaii and thanks for a delicious new menu item Kit 'n Kitchen!

By the way, I know I was following tweets from Kit 'n Kitchen, but for some reason I can't find them anymore! ???

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