Monday, August 30, 2010 Inside Glazer's Coffee near Windows on @Clear 4G laptop & @TMobile_USA 3G Android 2.2 Speedtests.

I'm just doing a test to see what the differences are.  My speedtests are being done through the browser on and the Dreamhost Server in LA.  As far as the accuracy of, that is also a question I would like to know the answer to.  If is not considered accurate, I fell all the mobile broadband service providers boasting "speeds up to..." should provide a method that they approve to perform the speedtest.  I realize the keywords in that statement is "up to", but if it never reaches that speed, I don't think it is an accurate advertisement.  These are real world actual usage results.  I do not change settings or turn of applications or progams running in the background to perform the tests on either device.

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In parts of Honolulu, I seem to experience great results with my HTC Nexus One Android 2.2 phone on TMobile's 3G (and HSPA+) network.  I am not sure how if any the TMobile HSPA+ network affects my device's data speeds, but from what I've read on the all so truthful web, Android devices similar to my Nexus One are supposed to be compatible with the new HSPA+ network.  While it is supposed to be compatible, it is not "fully" compatible.  This means my phone is probably not capable of HSPA+'s maximum capabilites on the TMobile G2 phone, 14.4mbps/5.72mbps max (via  The compatabily of current Android devices running on TMobile vary according to Tmobile's press release found here  It doesn't specifically mention what capabilities the device requires, but some current devices should be partially compatible and I believe my Nexus One is one of them.  I did notice speed increases after the initial HSPA+ upgrade went live in Honolulu, Hawaii.  As far as what my Nexus One's full capabilities are supposed to be, I do not know.

The download speeds vary drastically from almost 4MB down to under .5MB down in various areas of Honolulu.  The uploads are all over the place.  I once saw an upload result of 2MB just days after the HSPA+ network upgrade while performing a speedtest in the University of Hawaii Manoa Campus.  That was the most impressive result I have ever seen.  Since this post is specifically about my results while sitting at a table inside Glazer's Coffee, those will be the results that I will link. 

TMobile 3G (HSPA+ ?) Speedtests using website and Dreamhost Server in LA.

 .49MB Down / .69MB Up

 .89MB Down / .87MB Up

 .66MB Down / .75MB Up

 .66MB Down / .79MB Up

 .54MB Down / .88MB Up

I use my Clear PXU1900 when I am out and about with my Sony Vaio VGN-TXN15P (a 5 year old laptop).  I have also run speedtests at home with Clear's "Home" modem over wifi and I am not impressed with the results there even with full signal strength according to the LEDs.  I rarely see a 3MB download result.  My upload speeds are terrible.  Similar to my results below while at Glazer's Coffee. 

Clear 4G Speedtests using website and Dreamhost Server in LA.

 2.59MB Down / .43MB Up

 3.08MB Down / .25MB Up

 2.05MB Down / .33MB Up

 3.94MB Down / .17MB Up

 2.99MB Down / .41MB Up


What is wrong with the Upload Speeds?


I realize that when performing these speedtests over my mobile phone, the results show that I am in LA testing speeds from Dreamhost, also in LA.  When I do the speedtest over my Clear/laptop, it shows I am performing the test from Honolulu to the Dreamhost Server in LA.  I don't know how this affects the results or if there is any way to correct this, but those are the results.  To see if there is any noticeable difference, I will link a few below using the LavaNet Host in Honolulu on both devices. to LavaNet 

Clear and Laptop

 2.74MB Down / .29MB Up

 4.57MB Down / .23MB Up -- Wow!  But still, what's wrong with the Upload?

 2.46MB Down / .33MB Up

TMobile and Nexus One

 .46MB Down / .77MB Up

 .81MB Down / .52MB Up

 .75MB Down / .56MB Up

 .45MB Down / .83MB Up
In all tests, the upload speeds seem to be faster and more consistent over TMobile's 3G.  The download speeds of TMobile are not good in this location, but the results of the upload speeds are still quicker than the Clear upload results.  I feel it is the poor upload speed that is causing the drastic unsatisfactory user experience.  If either network has a poor upload speed, that is when I notice I am having network issues because emails will not send.  Although the download experience doesn't really affect me very often because I am not using my equipment and network connections to stream videos or download large files, I would appreciate consistent speeds in areas of "strong coverage".  The the main reason why I prefer to subscribe to competing network services is because I will have a back up option in most situations.
Just for an example of what TMobile's results have been like just about a half a mile from Glazer's around University Avenue, here is one from earlier this morning.   3.03MB Down / .90MB Up.  I wish I could get this consistently around Honolulu.

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