Sunday, August 15, 2010

Went for late breakfast at Pancakes and Waffles

We got to Pancakes and Waffles around 1130am and there was a long line of people.  I think they should make a note for customers to stand in line and order before grabbing a table.  The people that just walk in and grab a table while someone else stands in line to order kind of throws things off because their food won't be ready before the other people in the line before them that still don't have a table to eat at.

Anyway, we ordered the Honey Butter Fried Chicken and Waffle plate for $8.95 and the P&W Omelet withe fried rice for $10.45.  Both portions were ridiculous in volume.  I could've been happy with half the amount of food for maybe 75% of the cost.

The fried chicken was cooked well with crisp outside and a juicy inside.  I couldn't really taste any honey in the sauce.  I would prefer a stronger sweetness of honey and a bit more spice to the chicken, but it's not spicy chicken so it was ok like that.  I just added some pepper to it.  The waffle was ok from what I could tell.  Mine was covered with 3 huge chicken thighs and the honey butter sauce so I couldn't really isolate it to know how it stands on its own.  I did end up using a lot more syrup on it to eat it.  I only at 1 of the 3 chickens.

The P&W Omelet was tasty and also way too big!  It had all kinds if stuff in it with a nice Hollandaise sauce topping.  The fried rice contained chunks of ham that provided most the flavor.

The food was good for the cost and quantity.  I will try some of the plate lunch or sandwich selections the next time I am there.  The next time would probably be on a week day, hoping it won't be as crowded.  I do wish the portions were a lot smaller.  I don't care for places that serve ridiculous amounts of food.  I end up with too much leftovers and need to either throw it away or bring it back home to put in the refrigerator.  The service was good and the facilities appeared clean.  The tables were surprisingly clean for the amount of people in there waiting to get on a table.  There should be some improvement done to the ordering and seating process to assure customers that order to dine in will actually have a table by the time the food is ready.  

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  1. The fried chicken looks good, but I don't get why it's on the waffle. They don't match.

  2. @jalna Yeah, I'm not that into it being with the waffle either, but that seems to be the way many places serve their fried chicken (Southern style I guess). If it was with rice, I probably could have eaten more chicken. :) Oh I downloaded a camera app on my phone that does miniaturization simulation photos. Haha. I'm going to see how it works soon.

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