Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bangga Bangga "Really Spicy Poke Bowl" (@WorldwideEd @LalaLinzy @HealthPass #HealthPass20th #FB)

After learning that my LDL cholesterol blood test results were "borderline high" at yesterday's HMSA Healthpass 20th Anniversary Tweetup (, I decided it was time to try to reverse the damage done by my usual diet.  I am sure that taking the blood test a week after returning from three weeks of travel and eating didn't help my results either.  Anyway my result was a 159 (borderline high), if I had a 160 I would just be considered a high cholesterol person! 

As you are out and about, it's not very easy to find convenient, healthy food at a reasonable cost.  I first looked through Shirokiya upon arrival at Ala Moana Center only to find that almost everything was fried.  This is not surprising considering that Shirokiya is primarily a place for bento (Japanese box lunch) type foods and fried foods have longer shelf life.  Next I browsed through the food court and passed places like Panda Express and The Fat Greek.  I decided to try Bangga Bangga, a place that Ed ( first tried when I was with him.  He said it was ok so I figure I can rely on his opinion because he is always eating fish.

Bangga Bangga specializes in ahi poke (raw tuna/sashimi).  I ordered the poke bowl and was asked what type of sauce I wanted.  Again, I was faced with cholesterol damaging options like spicy mayonnaise and wasabi mayonnaise.  I resisted temptations and selected the spicy jalapeno shoyu.  I was then asked if I wanted little spicy, regular spicy or really spicy.  I wondered how spicy can it actually get considering it's only jalapeno peppers so I ordered the "really spicy".

The spicy jalapeno shoyu poke bowl is raw tuna seasoned with shoyu and sesame oil then topped with raw red onions, sprouts, sliced jalapeno peppers and Japanese cavier over steamed white rice.  It wasn't very spicy, as anticipated, and it tasted good. 

This is the first day following my eye opening HealthPass results and my attempt to start opting toward the healthier selections when eating.  It's not going to be easy and I know it's not going to be cheap, but I will see how I can do at my attempt to ear healthier.  Hopefully I can put a big dent in that number through diet and exercise because I don't want any medication for this!

Thanks HealthPass for holding that Tweetup and getting me to check my cholesterol level.  I was really surprised at my results!  I'm glad I know I need to do something fast!


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  1. good for you. sometimes positive life changes take a lot of effort but they are worth it, particularly with your health.

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