Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pongo's Kitchen (@PongosKitchen) Mini Tofu Steak Plate #FB

Yesterday, I did my Meals on Wheels route for Lanakila Pacific (@LanakilaPacific) with the help of my friend, Mark (@MarkTRC).  After delivering the meals to the seniors, Mark and I stopped at Pongo's Kitchen (@PongosKitchen) for lunch. 
Last week, I had my blood tested for cholestorol levels a the HMSA HealthPass Tweetup (@HealthPass).  More about that on Mike's blog (@MikeSumida) found here http://mikesumida.blogspot.com/2010/11/healthpass-tweetup.html/ or my past post about it here http://nakama-m-photos.blogspot.com/2010/11/bangga-bangga-spicy-poke-bowl.html/.  Since my reading was borderline high, I've been attempting to make better choices when out eating.  I have to eat out frequently for lunches and dinners and it is not easy to always find healthier options on all menus.
At Pongo's Kitchen, I decided to go with the Tofu Steak.  The slab of tofu is seasoned and seared then topped with the "drizzle" of choice.  My choice was the shoyu and green onion drizzle.  It is all about the "drizzle" at Pongo's Kitchen.
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  1. Kat & Jalna - try it out some day. I was so hungry that I took a bite and remembered I didn't take my picture yet!! :P


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