Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy Hour at The Counter Burger

Before going to our free movie screening of Fair Game tonight (courtesy of Ryan, we dropped into The Counter Burger in Kahala Mall (  We made it there at around 5pm and their happy hour specials are until 6pm.

We had the Mini Cheeseburger Trio for $4 and the Mini Locomoco for $5.  We also ordered a "Fifty-Fifty" (half sweet potato fries and half onion rings) for $6.75.

The happy hour specials were a great bargain!  The locomoco didn't seem like a mini at all!  The fries were just way too much for two people.  I sent a tweet to Mark ( asking him to come help us eat the fries because I knew he was also coming to the screening, but he didn't come to The Counter in time. 
Well, we're standing in the line for Fair Game right now.  We'll see how it is.

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  1. ooh I didn't know they had sliders and loco moco...looks so good!

  2. Kat yes and the price can't be beat! :)

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