Thursday, May 6, 2010

Chicken Katsu to Honor the Lottery Winners.

Well practically the whole world may now know that a lucky couple in California won the Mega Million $266,000,000.00 prize all because the husband wanted to go to L&L Hawaiian Barbeque for a chicken katsu plate instead of where his wife wanted, KFC. 

I thought tonight would be a good night for me to make chicken katsu using the special "Upper Crust Enterprises" panko that L&L Hawaiian Barbecue restaurants use.  I received this small sample pack a couple weeks ago when I attended the L&L Convention.  I also had the pleasure of listening to the various vendors / sponsors give their presentations about their products.  The Upper Crust panko presentation was an interesting one.  He pointed out how their panko crumb shapes are long shards to reflect true Japanese quality.  I have a photo comparison of the Upper Crust panko beside a Japanese brand panko that I have & use, JFC.  As you can see, the JFC brand does have slightly longer shards, but the Upper Crust brand comes close.

I coated the green onion pieces in the JFC brand.  The chicken was coated with the Upper Crust brand.  I think you can see a slightly different texture in the close up photos of each.

The chicken katsu actually tasted like the L&L katsu.  This panko does have a distinct taste & texture. 

I wonder how many people are trying to figure out what "chicken katsu" is?  I know almost everyone in Hawaii would know, but I'm sure there are other places in the USA that have no idea.  Even in Japan you can't find a chicken katsu dish.  Anyway, I hope my photos help someone figure out what chicken katsu is or maybe even help someone attempt to cook their own.

Amazing what the craving of a chicken katsu plate can do to your otherwise normal daily life!  =)

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