Saturday, May 8, 2010

JJ French Pastry

I had lunch at JJ French Pastry twice this week.  Ordered the same things too (except the dessert).  That Prix Fix $15.95 sets.  The vegetarian pasta w/ Lao sauce & the house pizza w/ green curry sauce.  The desserts we chose a macaroon, honey bee, red velvet & walnut tart. 

Everything was good except I don't care for their iced coffee.  I think it's way too watery, similar to hot drip poured over ice.  That's probably what it is.  I'll stick with the tea or hot coffee the next time.

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  1. Nice pics! I've been wanting to eat there, but somehow never got the chance yet.

  2. @Kat the food is tasty and not the same stuff that the other places have. The portions are small enough that you can enjoy a full course meal too!

    @jalna I know. I think the reason why I hardly went there is because of the parking... Luckily I got a parking in the lot on Wednesday and a street metered stall right in front on Saturday!

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