Saturday, May 1, 2010

"Hike" up Diamond Head w/ Kelli's office crew

This morning I joined a hike up Diamond Head trail with Kelli & her office people.  We got started heading up the trail at around 1030a.  It was kind of late in the morning so it was HOT!

I was hoping to check in on Foursquare when I reached the look out point at the top, but my phone had no service!!!  :-[ 

Anyway I took some photos of a welcoming sign by the parking stall & another one about selling things.  I thought it was strange that the sign is posted specifically saying that nobody is allowed to sell any food, drinks or t-shirts yet several yards away a Magoo's lunch wagon is set up & selling.  Also mid way up the usual annoying people trying to sell stupid t-shirts to tourists.  When I used to work at a hotel guest services, I always had to deal with upset guests that didn't receive their shirt by the time promised.  Arrggg.  I wouldn't even give cash to some person in the middle of no where selling something that they don't even have.  I guess there are enough trusting people to keep that souvenir t-shirts business going.

It currently costs $5 a carload of people or $1 a person to enter the park.

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  1. haven't been hiking up DH in ages, nice to see they made the trail nicer!

  2. @Kat I think I average around once a year. I usually go up with friends or relatives from Japan. They did do the lighting in the tunnel a few years ago, but I think that kind of spoiled some of the excitement! :)

  3. I remember when they didn't have the lights, scared the "beep" out of me :0

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