Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Garden Tomato

I took this photo of the 1st tomato to ripen early this morning.  It's looking good to pick & eat, but I decided to let it vine ripen 1 more day.  I hope no evil bird decides to come & take my 1st born away!

Funny thing about all these tomato plants is that I am not even sure what kind of tomatoes are growing here because it wasn't even my intent to plant tomatoes!  I actually sowed basil seeds into the window planter back at the condo.  The Basil sprouted & you may be able to see some beneath all the tomatoes.  The next thing I noticed was that tomato seedlings started to sprout in greater numbers than my basil!  These tomatoes are sprouting from all the assorted tomato seeds & old tomatoes that I added to our worm compost bin!  It's kind of neat how seeds sprout so easily in the compost bin & compost that I mix into soil when doing plantings. 

Anyway, I'm not sure what kind these are.  It may be a small conventional tomato or really big cherry tomato.  I know I recognize some nice Roma tomatoes on another plant.  There may also be grape tomatoes in this tomato variety patch that wasn't even planned! 

Bonus!  =)

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  1. cool! hope you get to try that tomato soon :)

  2. @Kat thanks! I plan to prepare & enjoy this 1st tomato in its raw & pure state to actually taste its true flavors. :)

  3. That is just soooo coooool!

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