Sunday, May 30, 2010

Michinoku Restaurant Relocated

Kelli & I were sad when we discovered that Michinoku Restaurant closed
up their location on Kalakaua Avenue in the building with Waikiki
Realty.  We knew they were experiencing difficulties with parking lot
issues & that flood a few years ago that also flooded UH & Kahala
Mall, but the sudden close was not anticipated by us.  Maybe we were
surprised because we didn't realize they had found a new location.
Anyway, last week, thanks to a tip off from Kelli's co-worker, Lisa,
we learned that they re-opened at "935 835 Keeaumoku Street" across
McDonald's.  I put their address in quotes only because that's the
address that they give & it's the address that it shows up under in
Foursquare.  If you actually go there, I think you would agree with me
saying that the physical address seems to be more like 925 825 Keeaumoku
Street.  I took a picture of the corner of the building that they are
in as it appears looking Mauka (to mountain) from Keeaumoku Street.
They have lots of parking right in front now too!  :-)
I had the unagi tororo don set w/ hot udon & Kelli had her usual,
magurozuke don set w/cold udon.
We ate there on Friday at about 535p.  They open at 530p & half the
restaurant was reserved & almost all the other seats were occupied
when we got there.  Luckily we got a table for 2 right away.  By the
time we were leaving, the whole restaurant was full, including the
sushi counter seats.  Of course it is still a small restaurant. It
probably seats the same number that it did back at Kalakaua Ave (22?).
We're pleased to know they are open again in what seems to be a better
location despite it's tricky address.  After all, good little
restaurants like this usually do well hidden away in secret spots
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