Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My Home Roasting update...

I have always had a passion to open my own artisan cafe and serve fine espressos, sandwiches and confections. This is still a goal of mine (some day). Until then, I continue to train in the home kitchen.

Sweet Maria's picture on www.RickNakama.comI ordered an 8 pound variety set of green beans from Sweet Maria's a couple of months ago. I have roasted about a pound total, to date, of 4 of the varieties. I still haven't sampled them all. This blog entry will only be covering the basic ordering and home roasting process. I will have more detailed entries on the results of the roasts in the future as I perfect and experiment with the varieties.

This is the USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail box that I chose as my shipping method from California to Hawaii.
Sweet Maria's USPS Flat Rate Postage Box picture on
The 8 pound variety pack is priced at $32 and their other shipping method came out to $23.85. I ordered it with that rate and followed up with an e-mail inquiry asking why the "Flat Rate" of $9.95 didn't show up as an option. I received an immediate response acknowledging that I will receive the $9.95 Flat Rate and an apology for the glitch in the ordering process.

The 8 zip lock type bags are each filled with 1 pound of green coffee. Along with a packing invoice was a news letter from Sweet Maria's.

Sweet Maria's USPS Flat Rate Postage Box picture on
Sweet Maria's USPS Flat Rate Postage Box picture on

The 8 varieties included in my pack are: Mexico FTO Oaxaca Pluma, Sulawesi Grade One Toraja, Sumatra Classic Mandheling, Rwanda Butare Boubon, Zimbabwe AA Dondoni Estate, Brasil FTO Poco Fundo, Nicaragua Placeras Estate Miel and Guatemala Fraijanes - Finca Aqua Tibia. Visit Sweet Maria's for more information on the varieties and ordering.

Coffee Geek's image link to on
A lot of my information on starting my home roasting has come from reading a great website resource called It has provided me with great tips and information about making great coffee at home. Eventually, I would like to make great coffee in a cafe, but I have to start somewhere.

Thanks for reading!
Note: Milwaukee 8975-6 Heat Gun was approximatly $79 at Honolulu Home Depot. (Bit over priced, but I was anxious to get started.)

My tools for home roasting coffee on
I first read about home roasting coffee beans at They explain several techniques to achieve a proper roast. As this picture shows, I decided to go with the hot air gun roast. It's very basic and requires mostly your physical control to get the roast done properly. I followed the directions from's Forums and Sweet Maria's Home Roasting Basics. With those 2 main resources, I achieved a great roast from the start.

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