Saturday, September 29, 2007

Pastrami & Cheddar Panini Grilled Sandwich Pastrami & Cheddar Panini Grilled Pastrami & Cheddar Panini Grilled Sandwich
My parents and the electrician were over this today. The electrician is doing the wiring for the kitchen renovation. Since I have no kitchen and needed to provide lunch for everyone, I hade the "Pastrami & Cheddar Panini Grilled Sandwiches" in the little grill thing I bought at Home Depot. I also forgot to take a picture of all the sandwiches when finished, but I had 1 1/4 piece left to photograph! :p

I seasoned the outside of the bread with some dried Italian herb mix, black pepper, garlic powder, butter and extra virgin olive oil. The inside has a spread of Best Foods Mayonnaisse, Grey Poupon White Wine Mustard, Pastrami from Costco, grilled red onions and cheddar cheese. Then I close the grill on it and let it grill.

I had it all nicely laid out on this tray, but forgot to take the picture! Oh well.

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