Sunday, August 30, 2009

CPK Field Greens add Grilled Chicken, hold the Tomatoes & Dressing... Oh and the Plastic Stickers Too!

Last Friday, for some reason the water was shut off at home for the whole day! There was no warning, so I suppose it was an emergency, but the water was off past 6pm. By that time, Kelli and I were hungry for some dinner. I can't really cook anything without fresh running water, not to mention not washing my hands with soap & water for half the day so we decide to go out for a walk and some dinner.

I have a difficult time eating out due to the diet restrictions I have to follow. When I do have to eat out, it ends up being a salad without dressing and whatever else happens to be on my list of 26 things. With this in mind, we decided to eat at the CPK in Waikiki.

We have ordered take out from this relatively new location, but never dined in until this time. We were pleased to hear that kama'aina (local residents) receive 20% off the menu prices. We don't get that discount at the other locations and the prices seemed to be the same. After looking through all the salads, none of them were safe for me to eat according to their description so I just ordered the plainest of them all, the Field Greens Salad. I had to request no tomatoes, walnuts and dressing due to my restrictions. This is what it looked like. CPK salad stickers hell's kitchenPretty tasty looking, yeah? Can you spot the stickers that are on the sliced pears peering through those brilliant field greens? I picked them all out and set them on the empty bread plates at our table. I should have yelled out and honored Chef Gordon Ramsey, "Shut it off you stupid cows! Plastic stickers in the salad! It's unacceptable! Wake up!". CPK salad stickers hell's kitchenIs it worth the 20% off kama'aina discount?? I guess... I always seem to find something that doesn't belong in the dish when we eat out anyway. Must be all my years of experience in checking the plates when before I send them out. Maybe it's just my fault for being too observant. I'm sure the stickers on the pears are FDA approved and safe to eat in small portions anyway. :-|

PS- Don't forget to watch Hell's Kitchen on Tuesday...

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  1. You tricked me! I totally thought this blog was going to be about ice cream scoopers! At any rate, it's nice you're blogging daily :)
    Your salad looks nice (minus the stickers)! I couldn't fathom eating salad without dressing. Yikes! Totally, not my cup of tea!
    Annnnnd I hope you asked for more than a 20% discount since you did have stickers still on your pears. Perhaps that means they didn't wash it well or they would have noticed the stickers!
    P.S. That's super great that you can eat at CPK now. At least, next time we go to see a movie, we can go out to eat first :) Horray! You're making progress with this diet already!

  2. Tara- Yeah I could eat out and eat a salad. I was much more impressed with the salad at Z Pizza at Ward. I would go there and pay for that salad instead of CPK any day. At least it didn't have stickers in it!!

  3. eww plastic stickers @ cpk, reminds me of the twist tie in my chopped salad @ chili's. your dressing and salad sound ono!

  4. K and S- Yeah... When I find things like the sticker still stuck on the fruit in the salad, it makes me wonder if they even wash it and the other stuff they use in the salads.

    Tonight I am going to Kelli's mother's Birthday dinner at Sidestreet Inn. I have no idea what I can order there. When I find that salad w/out dressing I certainly hope there aren't stickers in it!!!

  5. I have never been to Side Street Inn but I heard the food is good, salt and pepper pork chops (not sure if you can have that). Take care!

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