Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Silly Silicone Cup Coasters from Target... Silly Silicone Cup Coasters from TargetThese silicone coasters come in a set with other colors. Kelli and all her friends always comment that they are "so cute". I'm certain they are very popular and Target must be selling tons of them. Why am I posting this photo??

As you can see, they aren't very functional. They may be cute, but the moisture either on the coaster of from the condensate of the cold drink on the coaster is not retained on the top surface of these coasters. The result is moisture dripping off the coaster and leeching under the silicone coaster. This results in moisture being retained between the coaster and the counter or table top surface. If you are using these on wood finishes, it will leave marks such as these where the coaster was. It's quite disturbing and makes the coaster non-functional. Of course if it was on a glass, Corian, granite, formica, stainless steel or some other solid surface material that is easy to wipe away water stains, just wipe it off. If it's used on a more delicate surface like this wood dining table, you can only hope it will wipe away and not leave a permanent mark.

Luckily there are no permanent markings left... yet! Since these are soooo cute, perhaps they should remain on our table tops for decorative purposes only!

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  1. You actually wrote a blog about this!!! yes, these coasters are suuper cute...and quite sad that they don't work very well on wood tables. Perhaps you should write a letter to the company and ask them to put a warning label on it! I'm sure others are being lead to believe they work on wood tables as well, only to be disappointed when their cute coaster leaves a mark on the table. Luckily, you noticed it before you developed any stains on your new table. Definitely keep them around for decoration - these are waaay too cute to hide.

  2. Well Tara... yes I did! I know many people like these, but they don't work well so I just had to express my disappointment in them. I find myself putting this coaster on a piece of paper or an issue of Mid-week that's sitting on the table to prevent this. If you think about it, I could just put the cup directly on the Mid-week!

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