Monday, August 3, 2009

Orchid & Bonsai Show at Kalani High School Kalani High School Orchid & Bonsai ShowA couple weekends ago we stopped by at the Orchid and Bonsai Show at Kalani High School. It's been years since I've stepped into the Kalani High School cafeteria (that's my alma mater). I received some complimentary entry cards which are more like reminder cards. The orchid organizations that organize the show just ask for a donation at the door.

There were many beautiful orchids to look at and/or purchase. I was amazed at how they are able to get them all to bloom for the show. There must be some secret trick to that. There were some really interesting ones that had scents. Even some that smelled like chocolate! I tried to find a vanilla orchid there, but nobody had any. There were some super small orchids. The flower actually looked like a "normal" orchid, but it was soooo small. Like a half a centimeter in size or so. That was amazing!

Another feature at this show was the miniature Japanese town. Take a look at the photo. Almost looks like I took a picture of a real Japanese house in the country. It's really neat. Someone should bring their train set and set it up to run along the Japanese town at the next show! :)

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  1. WOW! I want a chocolate smelling orchid plant! That sounds soo cool! I never realized such a thing even existed! Looks like there was some bonsai stuff too! Awesome!
    Btw- are you guys still taking that bonsai tree class?

  2. Tara- Yes there was bonsai there. The chocolate orchid is neat. I just wish if I had one, it would always be blossoming and would be guaranteed not to die. Hahaha. I don't know how to take care of orchids so I don't buy any.

    We aren't in the bonsai classes anymore. That was done over a year or more ago. We are part of the club, but can't seem to get the time to head out to the meetings!! This link will pull up the past bonsai posts.

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