Friday, August 28, 2009

The "Other Stuff" we bought @ the Executive Chef Sale... Executive Chef sale microplane grater khuhn rikon vase whisk durgol speedloop
These are the other things we picked up from the awesome Executive Chef sale we went to last Saturday. The major score was the 12 Quart All Clad Multi Pot for around $80, but these are the othe little knick knacks that we picked up. Executive Chef sale microplane grater khuhn rikon vase whisk durgol speedloopIt was 25% off the entire store for 3 hours of the morning. I picked up some nice Microplane graters because the one we have looks like this <----. It's the type with multi options. I haven't grated many things in my home kitchen, but I did try to grate a potato last week to make hash browns. What I noticed was that the stroke surface area of one size of the grater is too short!!! I couldn't stand having to take such short strokes on this grater! I guess that's why I've never used one of these in a restaurant kitchen. It never really crossed my mind until now.

I also got a 14" CulinHome Brand Speed Loop magnetic knife holder. I haven't installed it yet so I don't know how well it looks and works for me. This has a lot to do with my granite counters not being installed yet! I don't really know where I'll mount it yet because I know I don't want to drill holes into the wall surfaces that are covered with the granite! I'm still trying to figure this out.

The Kuhn Rikon box is a "Vase Whisk" that I figured I would use to make and store my own dressing since I have to follow my restricted diet. I haven't used it yet, but I'll probably try to fix some dressing over the weekend to test this baby out. I hope it works well because it was pretty costly at around $23 after the discount!! There was another brand that was a little cheaper, but it was so big that I couldn't figure out how it would fit in the refrigerator.

Not pictured is the professional style ice cream scooper that Kelli wanted. It's not pictured because we returned it after finding it at Williams-Sonoma for about $10cheaper!! Kelli used to be a professional ice cream scooper back in the days when her mom owned and operated a Dave's Ice Cream franchise in Aiea. That's why she's so picky about her ice cream scooper. Some other day I should post a photo of all the various ice cream scoopers we've tried and she's rejected. I admit I personally rejected one that I bought from the Marukai 99 Cent Store, but that's because the stupid thing broke the first time I was using it!

The durgol box is the cleaner that is used to clean my espresso machine. Might as well buy it when it's 25% off! :)

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  1. I knew you posted a new blog! Interesting tid bit you wrote about the grater! We have that exact same white one!! And I don't use it all that often either. In fact, I only use it to grate cheese.

    I'm looking for an ice cream scooper...a good one. One that is heavy duty that isn't going to break apart like the last 2 we had. Your next blog should be about ice cream scoopers. I need a lesson on buying one.

  2. Tara- One of these days I'll take a picture of the "professional's choice" ice cream scooper.

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