Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"Special" Corn Muffins... Special Corn MuffinsWhile I'm on this restricted diet, I am having withdrawals from cakes, pastries, breads and such. Click to more details on the restrictions. Last weekend I decided to try to bake corn muffins without any wheat flour, eggs or cow's milk. I used the recipe that comes on the box of Albers Yellow Corn Meal. I replaced the flour with about 75% sorghum flour and 25% potato flour. The egg was replaced with a whole ripe banana, crushed into a paste. The milk was substituted with goat's milk and I used extra virgin olive oil in place of the vegetable oil.

I have never baked corn bread or muffins before so I cannot compare them to any of my past results (because there are none...). The result of this recipe is good. I ate a couple of the fresh and immediately froze the rest of the batch. It's recommended to freeze products that use alternatives to wheat flours to keep them moist. For breakfast or a snack, I pull one out of the freezer and pop it in the toaster oven for about 10 minutes to get it nice and toasty. It has a nice cruchy corn meal texture with a light essence of banana.

I'll definitely be keeping my freezer stocked with a batch of these for me to snack on every so often.

Have you tried any good recipes using alternatives??

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  1. WOW! Is that your photo? It looks sooo fancy- like it was featured on Food Network! Your muffins look awesome too! Would have never guessed you made it without flour, eggs, or milk! Bring me some!!!
    btw, i thought you can eat eggs???? I keep getting confused with all the different diets you've had recently!

  2. Tara- Yes I took that photo.

    Since I received my official results a few weeks ago, eggs are out of my diet amongst 25 other things... =|

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