Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ginger-Orange Chicken Breast

www.RickNakama.com Orange ChickenHere's a boneless skinless chicken breast with a ginger orange glaze.

The chicken breast is seasoned with salt and pepper then I floured it with sorghum flour and grilled it in a pan with a little olive oil. After it was nicely browned and cooked pretty much through out, I began dipping it in a mixture of orange juice, ginger powder, sugar and cayenne pepper then putting it back in the pan. I did this a few times then poured the remaining orange juice mixture into the pan and removed from heat to allow it to reduce a little.

It had a nice moist inside and a tangy taste with a slight spice from the cayenne.

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  1. Hmmm I didn't see this blog before...
    Your chicken looks delicious! It's really really quite sad (and tragic at the same time) that you love to cook and bake and yet you are allergic to a thousand things. Hopefully, this won't be for forever...

  2. I know Tara!!! This is crazy!!! Anyway, in 3 weeks I am hoping to start reintroducing 1 item at a time back into my diet to test my reactions. 3 WEEKS!!! Seems long, but at this point it should be a breeze... As far as continuing on the UH Study, I don't know if I want to extend my restrictions for another 6 weeks from my initial Dr. visit to the UH Studies Dr. That appointment is really delayed because the Dr. went traveling. If it started at the same time it would have been fine.


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