Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Excess amounts of $0.39 1st Class Letter Stamps!! excessive amounts of old 1st class mail stampsA couple of years ago I visited the post office to purchase some stamps. I was purchasing postcard postage stamps for a postcard mail out I was sending out that day. I asked the man working at the post office for 3 rolls of postcard postage stamps ($0.26 stamps at that time). The rolls are rolls of 100 stamps in most cases, which is what I wanted. I also had a few other items to get postage for at the same time. He placed 3 rolls of postage into a package after scanning them to my bill and gave me a total including the rest of my other items I got postage for. I quickly paid with my credit card and moved out of the way so the long line of people waiting could also get on with their lives.

I was planning to stick the stamps on the bundle of postcards while in the post office so I went on the side where there is an area to work on your shipments and I began. I open 1 roll of stamps and start to peel to place them on my postcards. I then realize that the stamp says, "39 First Class"! It was not the stamps I asked for!!! I looked at the other 2 rolls and my receipt. The guy charged me for 3 rolls of $0.39 1st Class stamps and that's what I received in the package!!

I immediately went back in line and waited until I got to go up to the same guy. I told him he sold me the incorrect rolls of postage stamps. I showed them to him and told him I asked for postcard stamp rolls!

I never use 1st class stamps. I rarely ever send anything that takes a 1st class stamp because my bills are sent through an on-line service so I don't even deal with stamps.

Normally, they do not allow returns on postage stamps so I was upset. I had 300 1st class postage stamps that I would most likely never use. The guy spoke with another manager or something at the post office to see what he could do. They let me return the 2 rolls that I didn't open only because it was on the same cash register till that he sold them to me on. Luckily, he didn't leave his cashier post yet! But I am still stuck with 100 $0.39 stamps. I knew I would never use them all, especially before they raise the rate of 1st class letter.

Anyway, here I am today... still stuck with that stupid roll of $0.39 stamps. I think I used maybe 3 so far. The current rate for 1st class letter is $0.44. I should probably stash this roll and wait until the postage for a 1st class letter goes up to $0.78. Then I can just stick 2 of these on the envelope and get rid of them simpler.

Of course, some of you may feel I should have reviewed my purchases prior to signing away on the credit card screen. Well, I didn't. So I will deal with these stupid stamps for the rest of eternity. Each time I get one out, it will be a reminder that I should carefully review those electronic credit card pads and thoroughly question every cashier about what is on my bill prior to signing it.

Hopefully you aren't stuck in the line behind me... = P

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  1. It happened to me, too.
    Nowawdays, you can buy First Class 'Forever' stamps.


  2. Did you know that the post office relies on your mail so they have jobs?! You should start mailing your bills - then you can use your stamps and help out the post office at the same time!! That's hilarious though that you have like 95 39cent stamps left!!

  3. ted88888 - yeah but i have no use for first class forever stamps... i wish they had those when the guy sold me these... maybe i might have received the forever ones instead! that would have been much easier to deal with!

    tara- of course they rely on my mail to have their job... that incident resulted from me sending hundreds of postcards out at 1 time so i do support them. my bill service also pays postage on the bills they mail out for me so that's also still supporting them.

    the post office should really take in the stamps as a form of payment! it would be more cost effective than printing stupid make up stamps!

  4. Does anyone have a large parcel to mail?? I'm thinking of sticking a whole bunch of these old 1st class stamps on a large parcel just to use them up!

  5. Hey Rick, I just discovered your blog through Our Adventures in Japan. I think this post about the stamps is hilarious. Check out my blog about an envelope we received at work: 'nuff Stamps or What?.

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