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Boots & Kimo, Kailua, Hawaii Boots & Kimo KailuaBoots & Kimo, Saturday Morning Breakfast...

In preparation to watch the Blue Angels air show, Kelli and I woke up pretty early on Saturday morning. It wasn't planned, but I think some noisy garbage trucks woke us and kept us up from about 5am! One of the issues to deal with living in Waikiki. Although I don't believe they are allowed to do the trash pick up so early in the morning. Anyway, since we were awake, hungry and planning on being at Kaneohe Marine Corps Base early enough for the air show, I suggested we just head out to Kailua and try Boots & Kimo.

We left Waikiki about 645am, early enough to have a nice breakfast and be at the show before 10am like I planned. When we arrived at Boots & Kimo at about 720am. There were already 4 people (2 parties of 2) waiting outside. I went in and registered my name for a party of 2. Immediately after, I noticed the other 2 parties of 2 coming in to register. They didn't read the sign that said to register. Of course, I was called 1st so we asked the other parties if they wanted to go ahead, but they declined since they had "all day" and didn't read the proceedures. They were all very nice people! =) So were we I suppose. Anyway, don't forget to sign in at the cashier! Boots & Kimo Kailua Macadamia Nut Sauce HotcakesWe ordered the "specialty", Macadamia Nut Sauce Hotcakes and a "Maui Wowee Omelet" with 2 mugs of hot coffee. Our food came out in about 10 minutes or so. Quite quickly for a packed restaurant that seats about 20-30 at max(??).

The special Macadamia Nut Sauce on the hotcakes was very delicious! It wasn't too sweet, had a nice buttery creamy consistency and a well balanced Macadamia Nut flavor. The hotcakes were pretty much standard (good) hotcakes. The sauce makes it all worth the trip. I might try to make a macadamia nut sauce of my own some day after my kitchen renovation is completed.

The "Maui Wowee" omelet is a vegetarian omelet. All their omelets are made with 3.5 eggs! They have options for egg whites only, etc at an extra cost. I chose the standard with the fried rice option for $1+. This omelet had "charcoal roasted mild jalepenos" in it with some mushrooms, tomatoes and swiss cheese. The jalapenos is what caught my appetite. As you can see, the omelet is very nicely folded and almost resembles a burrito. The fried rice and omelet were tasty and neatly presented, but pretty much tastes like the things in it. Of course it tasted great, but nothing that can't be whipped up on your own stove as long as you have some charcoal roasted jalapenos ready. Again, the main selling point for me.

Boots & Kimo is located at 131 Hekili Street in Kailua <-Google Map.

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  1. Matt- Yes, you do! Someone told me they always go to Cinnamon's in Kailua but have never tried Boots & Kimo. She wants me to try Cinnamon's so I can compare them. Have you tried both??

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