Monday, October 22, 2007

Briax soaps from New Zealand... Briax soaps from New Zealand Briax Soaps...

I met a nice and interesting couple from New Zealand at the Outrigger Reef Hotel the other night. They gave me a couple of bars of this Briax soap. 1 bar is labeled with the green sticker as a "work soap" and the 2nd is wrapped in the black labeled "bath soap". They both smell very good and contain special natural items that condition your skin as well as help cleanse it.

The Work Soap is pumice based and also has honey, goat's milk and sunflower. It worked really well when I used it to clean up the thin-set from my hands after I worked on my kitchen floor tiles.

The Seaweed Bathsoap is a "secret recipe" of seaweed and other natural ingredients. You can see and feel the small particles of seaweed in the bar. Of course, it smells great and it says it also promotes blood circulation and improves skin texture.

Briax Industries can be found on the web here <-click. He also races classic cars which is why we got even more involved in conversation. His car racing website is here <-click.


  1. Hi Rick,
    I clicked on the link for the soap but, came across a website for industial type cleansers and MSDS sheets for them.
    So, gotta ask...are the soaps any good? Kinda curious....ttyl,sher

  2. Sherry,

    Yeah, I noticed his soaps aren't on his website also. He did tell me to just give him a ring on the tele and he would send some by parcel. The soaps are great. It worked very well to clean up after working and the bath one also smells great!

  3. Very useful product. I used it & love it. Thanks

  4. @bathmate,

    yes, the soap is great. especially after working on dirty, greasy or grimy things!

  5. It's really a good posting. I like it. It's pretty much impressive to me. i think others will agree with me.


  6. @ nick so does work really well!

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