Monday, October 22, 2007

Neiman Marcus Mermaid Bar... Lunch at the Mermaid Bar...

I had a few appointments in the morning through about just after noon. I was hungry for lunch! I called Kelli and we met at the Mermaid Bar, in Neiman Marcus 2nd floor, for a casual lunch. We like going there for their Neiman Marcus Sampler Platter which is a half chicken salad or tuna salad sandwich and the soup of the day for about $10. Occasionally, they have a soup that I don't like (clam chowder or something like that). When that happens I order another menu item. They have a nice selection of salads and sandwiches. The picture is of half the order because I frequently forget to take the picture before we start eating when I am so hungry!

My favorite choice is usually the Spa Wrap. It's a turkey, avocado and vinegarette greens wrapped in a tortilla type wrap and it comes with potato chips and sweet corn salsa. I really like this, but I wish I could have it with chicken instead of turkey. The turkey is usually a bit dry, but still tastes good.
Kelli had the chicken on focaccia bread. It is good, but the bread can be very filling. That's why I choose the wrap. Usually she doesn't finish her sandwich.

I don't order iced coffee here any more because it just doesn't taste good. It's kind of watery and doesn't have a good taste in general. I usually just have water or sometimes I will get an iced tea.

The average cost is about $10 per dish and the atmosphere is nice. Neiman Marcus also has a valet parking area and the nicest, cleanest and most comfortable restrooms in the Ala Moana Shopping Center!! =) I wonder what the new Nordstrom's restrooms will be like...?


  1. Even though the resto doesn't deliver much when it comes to food, ridiculously clean restrooms are another! These restrooms are usually one of the deal-breakers for restaurants, don't you agree? And it's quite nice that they complement the nice atmosphere with valet service. That makes things special. Now here's to wishing that, when you come back, they've improved their food.

  2. @Annifer - The food is actually decent, but I guess this time that I posted about there were some small issues. I agree that the Neiman Marcus restrooms are the best. After reading this old post, I should add that I really do not like the Nordstrom restrooms at all. They are smelly and I dislike their water-free urinals. :P Hahaha.

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