Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Senor Frogs in Waikiki... senor frogs waikikiSaturday night, after the Blue Angels Air Show, we walked to Senor Frogs. It's on the 3rd floor of the newly renovated area of Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center. We arrived there about 8pm and received a pager that would call us when our table became available. We were seated in about 15 minutes and the hostess' estimation was 20 minutes. senor frogs waikikiWe had a seat out on the veranda over looking Kalakaua Avenue. It was a nice area to be seated. The interior seating is probably where most of the excitement is. It was still very dark so my pictures aren't that great. The atomosphere is very fun and exciting. People were singing on stage (karaoke) and there was professional entertainment as well. senor frogs senor frogs senor frogs waikiki
The food is a Mexican style food. It's not the greatest Mexican food, but it's ok. Again, I think it's mostly for the party atmosphere here. On the left is our souvenir "palm tree" 20 ounce margarita cup. We had a strawberry and mango margarita that tasted pretty good. Also in that picture is a free nachos that we found a coupon for in one of the books out in the mall area. The center is my "Mexican Fiesta" plate that had a flank steak and some chicken taquitos and to the right is Kelli's steak tacos.

It's all about the drinks and the party atmosphere! This is not a place to go for a nice, quiet dinner. We thought the food was OK at best and the drink was good. If we do go to Senor Frogs again, it would probably be for someone's party or to entertain some visitors. The cost was about $40 for the 2 of us.

If you want good Mexican food, I would suggest some other places like Jose's, Los Chapporos or that place we went to in Kaneohe. I will eventually get to posting on those places.
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