Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Update to Kitchen Renovation Project, Counter Measurments and Electrician's Rough-in. condo kitchen condo kitchen renovation
The electrician did his rough-in, or most of it. Things are coming along. I am still coming up with a solution to the lighting issues. As I posted in a past blog, $2500 for the dual circuit flexible rail system with 2 spots and 3 pendants is just way too ridiculous and it doesn't necessarily look the best either. I'm leaning towards making a small drop ceiling to take care of this situation within budget.

Below are the drawings and measurements for the counter surfaces. condo kitchen condo kitchen renovation condo kitchen condo kitchen renovation

**update** Apparently, I didn't post up my feelings about the $2500 cost of the dual circuit flex rail system. Anyway, That's ridiculous. I'm not buying that because it doesn't look the nicest and it's the most expensive.
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