Thursday, October 25, 2007

Foodie Blogroll!! Foodie Blogroll by left-over queenMy "anything" blog is now part of Foodie Blogroll!

I came across the Foodie Blogroll while reading through another foodie blog that I always read. It's Kat n Satoshi's blog located: here. Anyway, up at the top of my blog you will see a scrolling list of all the other Foodie Blogroll members' "foodie" blogs. There are some really delicious looking blogs in that list! Check it out! Kat n Satoshi's blog has been one of my favorites to read because of the Hawaii/Japan connections!

They also have a forum you could join. Here is my introduction to the forum of Foodie Bloggers.

"Hi! Thanks Jenn for this great Foodie Blogroll concept!

I'm Rick from Honolulu, Hawaii. Some facts about me:

-grew up in "local drive-in restaurant" family business... Megs Drive In.
-A.S. Degree in Automotive Mechanics Technology (nothing to do w/ food besides eating it).
-Food related work include "decades" of Megs and a while at Izakaya Nonbei, a Japanese tavern.
-I obviously think I am a "Foodie", I like to critique the places I eat and do a lot of cooking and coffee related things at home.
-Interests/Topics found on my blog: home cooking, home coffee roasting, espresso, Waikiki lifestyle (I live in a Waikiki Condo), entertainment & restaurant reviews, aquaponics, hyrdoponics, bonsai, my kitchen renovations (at the time of joining Foodie Blogroll, my kitchen is undergoing complete renovation), cooking w/out a kitchen & links to my separate blogs of my car stuff and work stuff.
-Career: Honolulu Real Estate (Rick Nakama REALTOR-ASSOCIATE GRI, EAST OAHU REALTY, INC.<-Required disclosure) and on-call position at Outrigger Reef Hotel Guest Services (restaurant/entertainment recommendations, etc.).

My blog is Most of the posts are about restaurants or cooking of some sort, but it is a blog that I post about almost "anything" except my car racing stuff and my work stuff (I keep those separate because they are just entire categories of their own). I also refuse to buy or carry an independent digital camera so I try to take the best photos possible with my mobile camera phone. The mobile phone photos is what got me started with this blog so I've decided to keep it as much as possible related to photos taken with my phone. I try to post at least 3 times a week. I'm hoping to pick up more readers and your comments...

Thanks for letting my blog be a part of Foodie Blogroll! I'm enjoying reading everyone's foodie blogs... "

You can find food information on the forum:

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