Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Couple things sent from Japan!

A good thing about having family and friends around the world and in Japan especially is that you will occasionally be sent something as a gift from that place. It doesn't have to be or is always something really costly, but something of value because of it's rarity. For example, last month I sent Yoko a Chestnut color 12" long UGG Boots that she is unable to find in Kyoto.

I recieved an Express Mail package from Kyoto, Japan today. It is from my friends, Taka and Yoko. In this package that I was excited to open, I found a promotional Transformers Movie pen that was given out to movie goers in Japan and a "Treatment Lip Glossy" from be-zen. I don't know if that's pronounced like English "be" and "zen" or what, but anyway it is featured on the homepage when I went to check it.

**Update** I was looking at the weird font kanji and realized it looked like "beauty" or pronounced bi (Japanese) or be (English). 美禅 those are the kanji. The first one is bi for beauty and the second is the zen religion kanji. But I still think it is a play on words. If you pronounce the zen part a little differently like some japanese tend to spell 人(kanji for jin or hito, person) it could possibly be heard as bi-jin or 美人 which would be beautiful person. Oh well, if this is true, I'm surpised they thought it out so thoroughly rather than just making up another strange Japanese Engrish slogan that makes no sense. Their slogan by the way is "Feel zen's relaxation and beauty." At least that makes sense.
I wonder which one I want to keep and which to give to Kelli... Haha. I think I'm going to go for the Transformers Pen and let Kelli have the be-zen thing. Since I am not going to review the be-zen thing, I'll just show you below why this Transformers Pen is so special. Of course, it's "more than meets the eye...".

Thanks Taka & Yoko... ありがとうございました!

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