Thursday, October 14, 2010

China Airlines In Flight Meals HNL > TPE #HIasia #FB

China Airlines In Flight Meals HNL > TPE #HIasia #FB

I haven't flown China Airlines ever since they lost their Honolulu to Haneda route so it's been several years.  I always enjoyed the meals provided on the China Airlines flights.

On the Honolulu to Narita flight, we had a breakfast and a snack.  The breakfast options were pork congee or omelet with sausage.  I had the pork congee.  It was delicious, especially after adding in some black pepper.  Kelli had the omelet.  It also had a hash brown in it.  I didn't care for the omelet and hash brown. 

The snack was served just prior to decent.  The choices were chicken rice or shrimp chili (I think that's what they said).  Anyway since neither of us eat shrimp, we both opted for the chicken rice.  The chicken was a sweet miso flavored grilled boneless chicken thigh over rice with garnishes.  It was tasty and I would eat it again.

The leg from Narita to Taipei comes with one meal.  The options we were provided were seafood or chicken.  Again, we both opted for the chicken.  Oddly, if you look at the photo of the bento withe the little carrot shaped like a cherry blossom, you should notice the "chicken" dish is practically half seafood (2 pieces of shrimp and a scallop).  I thought this was odd because what if the passenger has severe seafood/shellfish allergies?  Anyway, the chicken was a teriyaki grilled boneless chicken thigh This time, but it was an awfully small one.  It was only about 4 bitefuls of chicken probably because of the accompanying shrimps and scallop.  The salad dish with this meal was noteworthy.  It was a curried potato salad with thin slices of roast pork.  It was a.very light curry and citrus flavored salad with bits of cooked carrots in it providing bright orange accents.  Also with this meal was an Australian lightly salted fresh butter to spread on the whole wheat bun.  I was looking forward to trying it because it was different and not the Country Crock stuff served earlier.  It was very creamy and tasted wonderful!

Okay, time to prepare for landing!

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