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The Lanakila Pacific's The Good Table dinner at Soul. #GoodTable @LanakilaPacific @PacificSoul @WorldwideEd

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Well a few days ago I posted about the Lanakila Pacific Meals on
Wheels benefit, The Good Table (
It was a night of dining at participating restaurants around Oahu to
raise funds to feed hungry seniors in Hawaii.  You can read about the
organization here HTTP://

My earlier post was simply a list of tweets @PacificSoul sent me
describing the special menu for The Good Table dinner.  That post is

I won this table for four at Soul Restaurant
( )
located at 3040 Waialae Avenue.  We invited friends, Ed (@WorldwideEd
/ HTTP:// and Mai,
to partake in this special feast.  I wanted it to be fun for all of us
and since I knew I was going to be taking photos and tweeting a lot to
help spread the word for Lanakila Pacific, I figured there couldn't be
any better couple (of my friends) to enjoy it with since Ed is a
powerful "web dude" and his wife Mai doesn't tweet.  It sort of works
out almost flawlessly because as Ed and I are trying to take food
shots in a low light setting that are of Gourmet Magazine caliber (I'm
kidding we used our Android camera phones :P), Kelli and Mai had an
opportunity to complain to each other about their husbands being
always on their phones.

Anyway, here are the photos of the delicious food and fun that night!
Thanks Lanakila Pacific (@LanakilaPacific
), Sean Priester of Soul
(@PacificSoul ), Ed (@WorldwideEd
), Mai and Kelli for the fun night of
great food!  Also, thank you to Melissa Chang (@Melissa808
) @HawaiiIRL and @MixitUpHI for
choosing me in the raffel during your live web stream lunch (Link to
Senior Fair Web Stream
 You can view the photos from everyone's #GoodTable photo posts at
their official photo stream site here  And don't
forget to check out to
see if you can help volunteering in anyway.  I myself will be away for
a few weeks so I will not be able to do my Meals on Wheels route.

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