Saturday, October 2, 2010

My worm compost bin & a test of "compostable" Sun Chips bag #FB

Well a few weeks ago, I posted a post about re-bedding my worm bin and none of the photos attached to the email that I sent to Posterous!  That has become the most annoying thing about emailing my posts to Posterous straight from my phone.  It isn't a Posterous issue, it's some kind of bug in my Android 2.2 (now 2.2.1) native Gmail application.  I can attach photos to the email and see them in the draft, but when I hit send, none of the attachments stick to the email.  The result is a blog post ends up without any photos.  The only way for me to correct it, as far as I know, is to transfer all the related photos to a computer and edit the post by uploading photos to it or deleting the post and re-sendind the email.  I try to avoid deleting the post because then there will be a link that doesn't link to what it's supposed to link to floating around out in Twitter world and the other places my Posterous feeds to.  That has to be my most frustrating experience with emailing my blog posts.  I continue to do it because it's so much simpler, but I just wish I could edit the post via my mobile and add photos to an existing post rather than going through all that stuff above.

So here's a follow up post, hopefully with the photos.

I forgot to mention in my last worm bin post that I was putting the Sun Chips "fully compostable bag" into my bin to see if it really does decompose and how fast it does it while in an actual compost bin.

Check back in a couple months when I look into the status of the Sun Chips bag and my worms. 


Please photos, please stay attached!!!!

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  1. @Kat yeah they've at least quadrupled in a little more than a year!

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