Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Taipei International Flora Expo #HIasia #FB

Yesterday, one of our (The Hawaii International Real Estate Council) meetings was at the Taipei City Hall with the Director of city planning division.  When he learned that we were departing Taipei today, October 16, he immediately arranged for our group to have a preview tour of the Taipei International Flora Expo.  The expo actually opens officially on November 4th and runs for about 6 months.

It was an amazing experience!  I'm blogging a few photos right now as I am waiting to board my flight to Hong Kong.  I took dozens of photos and some videos.  We spent a couple hours touring the expo and I doubt we've experienced half of the full event.

The preview was made available to special groups of students and other VIP guests of Taipei city.  Even with the limited, restricted, by special invitation only access during today, the expo was filled with thousands of visitors.  It is sort of a soft opening to test their infrastructure and operations.

Having been given this VIP access to the expo, we had a very entertaining English speaking guide introduce us to the expo.  We were also escorted through the expo with 2 of the government officials that helped the director with the presentation yesterday.

This expo all ties in with the city's plan to create a greener living environment in a major metropolitan city.  It also featured the latest technologies in hydroponics, fiber optic indoor lighting systems that use natural sun light, photovoltaics and living walls.

I'll be posting more on this expo in sections since there were so many photos taken.   


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