Thursday, October 28, 2010

五行京都 Gogyo Restaurant in Kyoto #HIasia #FB

A few days ago, we met up with some of my friends in Kyoto.  My friend, Taka, suggested we have dinner at a "secret spot" in Kyoto city.  It's not really secret, but it is very difficult to find even for the locals because they can't remember which block it's on and all the street blocks look almost exactly alike.  After circling a few blocks, he finally found the place he was looking for.  It's called 五行 or Gogyo.  Taka describes it as a sort of ramen place, but izakaya (bar tavern) style because they have a special ramen, but it's a type of restaurant that you can sit around an snack on various other dishes while chit chatting and drinking.  A perfect venue for entertaining out of town/country guests like we are.

The specialty ramen is what is called a koge (burnt) taste soup.  Hearing or seeing a dish described as "burnt", wouldn't necessarily sound appetizing.  I assure you that while this ramen soup does have a burnt taste, it is balanced well and gives this ramen character.  Please try it in either the shoyu or miso koge flavors.

Gogyo not only has delicious ramen and other foods, but it provides a nice environment for chatting with your friends.  It was great catching up with Taka, Masami and Takeshi.  Thanks for taking us there!


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